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We are dedicated to create good fitting innerwear with many years of experience. We are very proud that our lingerie products help women have beautiful breast shape and be happy with their shape. At present, the company owns two brands target to different group of customers. They are called Wienna and Fullmoon.

Our products are manufactured by Thai Wacoal Public company Limited. With more than 4 decades experience in studies, research and development of philosophy, raw materials, design and tailoring continuously, you feel confident that Wienna and Fullmoon are high quality products with comfortable fitting and suit the physiological structure and breast shape to enhance the beauty and confidence for women.

WIENNA - Solutions for your secrets

Known as leading brand in Thailand, Wienna was created in 1987 by Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited. It started as a lingerie brand selling through catalogue sales in Thailand. Over the years, Wienna has become widely accepted by women through their word of mouth as comfortable piece with same quality as leading brand.

Wienna positions itself as functional products serving customers to all types of breast shapes from cup A to G with sizes 65 to 100. Wienna offers a wide range of designs, colors and sophisticated lingerie in the mid to high price segment. Wienna is perceived as good fitting bra, high quality products that have distinctive concept to other competitive brands. Its core products include brassieres, panty, girdles, body suits, long bra, and night wears. Wienna is now selling in Australia and many Asean countries and in Middle East such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Pakistan, etc.

Full Moon bra by Wienna: Designed for fuller bust

Full Moon bra was created in late of 2017. It is a premium quality brand that offers an exclusive selection of bras from cup D to G size 70-85. Through findings from research and development team, Full Moon bras have meticulously designed to support, lift and fit neatly, comfortably. They provide three functional benefits that are shown in below.

1) Air space : Seamless cups with breathable pad (air pad) for easy air flow and rapid dry.
2) Ultra Smooth : Wider band in V or U shape helps to smooth wearing comfort and keep surplus at rear.
3) Gravity Curve : Innovative pattern at cup base and wider straps to comfortable support large features to look well balance.
Full Moon name represents the beautiful round shape of big breasts. It has variety of designs with elegant lace that come in many new collections every year. Full Moon brand is sold at lingerie counters of leading department stores and all WIENNA shops in Thailand.

Worldwide customers

MK Fashion Shop 1. Junction Square 2. Taw Win 3. Yankin Centre 4. Ocean Supercenter (Mandalay)
Olympic Market, Phnom Penh
Champassak - Pak se
Roop Singhar : Lahore

Why should I buy Wienna?

Wienna products are comfortable and durable. They are made to last for long time. Many items still maintain its effectiveness to control shape although they are worn for five years.

When we create a new design, we will make four pieces of each size and pass them to women for trial. All wearers will wear this new design for two months. Then, they will do the questionnaire and put their comments on fitting in details. The questions will cover how they feel after wearing, which part (area) that goes damage easily, etc. The results from every wearer will combine and summarize. If the results are negative, our patterners and designers will drill down in details on area (part) that is frail and uncomfortable. They will work together and adjust pattern or change materials to ensure its effectiveness and durability. The 2nd version of new design will make and resend to same group of women for trial again. This process takes 4 months before we are confident to launch this new design to the market.

With above things we do for WIENNA products, our customers are satisfied with wearing the brand. There are more than 50 designs that are repeated for two to three decades. Most have more than 6 colors in a month. This fact confirms that our customers have trust in the brand which have been existing in Thailand for more than 34 years.

How to order at wholesales price?
Thank you for your interest to our products. Regarding to wholesales price for export, we offer many layers of discount depending on purchase amount.

You can combine many designs in one order. There is no minimum quantity per design as long as your purchase reaches our sales condition. If stock are available, we can send order to you in 7-15 days after payment received.

For inquiries, please send your questions to our Export team at email address : overseawienna@wacoal.co.th. We will reply to you shortly.
Shipping & Delivery

List of countries we ship to is available here.

Zone 1

 Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam

Zone 2

 Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, HK, India, Japan, South Korea, Macao, Maldives, Nepal,

 Srilanka, Taiwan

Zone 3

 Bahrain, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mongolia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Zone 4

 Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey,  

 UK, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hungary,

 Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, NZ, Norway, Papua New Guinea, 

 Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain

Zone 5

 Canada, Egypt, South Africa, U.S.A

Please note:

1. Please allow us 4 days to proceed your order (weekdays and holidays excluded). Typically, it takes 7 business days for delivery time to Asean countries. Orders shipping outside Asia continent and orders during long national holidays may cause shipping delays.
2. Customer cannot change shipping address once the order is confirmed.
3. We ship internationally to over 60 countries and territories through our shipping partner Thailand post.
4. Unfortunately, we ship orders with maximum weight of 22 pounds (10 kilos). Should you wish to order for export that weighs more than 22 pounds, please contact us at email overseawienna@wacoal.co.th.
5. Once your package has shipped, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail with a tracking number and quick link to track your package.
6. The Company reserves the right to delay on sending the order due to unexpected circumstances and to change these terms and conditions at any time.
Packaging Details
Bra :: 10 Pieces per 1 Plastic Bag // 150 Pieces per 1 Carton
Panty :: 10 pieces / 1 plastic bag (300 pieces / 1 carton)
Carton Size :: 43*43*43 Cm

Although we make every effort to deliver your order in excellent condition, damages and defects may occur. All claims must be made within 15 days after the receipt of order.

No returned merchandise will be accepted for panties, girdles and pants due to concern on sanitary of customers.

The accepted return will be only the packaging unworn and unwashed, with all labels intact. The original receipt is required upon the claims. The delivery fee will be responsible by us if the returned items are damaged from us.

Please inform us in advance regarding damaged goods to

e-mail overseawienna@wacoal.co.th. With following details
· Photo of goods returned
· Description about damages
· A copy of your receipt with purchase date, code, cup-size and quantity
We require 7 business days to proceed your return. Kindly send goods to us at mailing address.

Wienna Division Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited

No. 177,179,181,183,185 Soi Charoen 7, Bangklo, Bangkholaem, Bangkok, Thailand 10120


1. Do you provide free or offer free samples?
Unfortunately, we do not provide free samples. We would recommend you to buy some samples and we will offer you special discount.

2. How to place an order?
Please select styles that you are interested and email to overseawienna@wacoal.co.th. If there are any items on your order which are not in the stock, you will be advised by e-mail. Once the order is finalized, we will reserve the stock and you will be informed a total net pay including delivery charge.

3. I need to order Wienna design with unavailable cup and size. Do you accept make to order condition? And, what is the minimum quantity?

Yes, we accept your order and the minimum quantity is 500 pieces per design per color or 50 pieces per sku. Please give us the item code, cup-size and color which you want to order. We will check available stock of materials and inform you via e-mail.

4. What is lead time for order of unavailable cup-size?

If all materials are available, lead time will be 150 days after payment received date. This has already been included one month of fitting trial to make new patterns.

5. If I have my own designs and would like your company to make products for my brand. Do you accept this order?

Sorry, we don’t accept OEM condition. However, we can recommend you to our sister company which accepts your order.

6. Do you have minimum order amount?
We offer different levels of discount based on total order amount. Please contact us at overseawienna@wacoal.co.th. However, we are flexible on our policy and open to negotiate or discuss further if any company is interested.

7. How do you do packing?
We have our standard packing. Ten pieces of bra will be put in a plastic bag and packed in a carton. The carton is then sealed with plastic band in a manner wherein it cannot be opened during delivery.

Packaging Details

Bra :: 10 Pieces per 1 Plastic Bag // 150 Pieces per 1 Carton
Panty :: 10 pieces / 1 plastic bag (300 pieces / 1 carton)
Carton Size :: 43*43*43 Cm (2 kilograms)

8. How do you ship your products?
We ship our products by Air ; however this depends mainly on customer instructions only. We are now applying form D for importers. We normally do courier of small goods via DHL and Thailand post which are convenient to customers at the same time. We sell our products only based on FOB price and absorb some expenses incurred within Thailand only.

9. Will I be notified once my order has shipped?
Yes you can request confirmation after your order has been shipped and the tracking information shall be emailed to you.

10. How can I get a copy of my receipt/invoice?
A copy of your invoice will arrive in your shipment. However, if you would like to have a copy of your invoice emailed to you after placing an order. Please note on your PO that you would like to request an email copy of the invoice at provided email address.

11. How can I find my size fitting information?
You can find details by clicking into the ‘FITTING ROOM’ section. You will be provided with size chart and fitting guide for your right size of brassiere and pants.

12. How can I be your agent/ distributor?
You can be our agent/ distributor with certain conditions and agreements. There can be terms such as sales volume, territory and marketing benefits. However we advise anyone interested to send their company profile and queries via e-mail to our Export team at email :overseawienna@wacoal.co.th

13. Can I return and exchange products?
Yes, you can submit your claims within 15 days after the receipt of shipment. The accepted return will be only the packaging unworn and unwashed, with all labels intact. No returned merchandise will be accepted for girdles, underwears and pants for hygiene reason.

14. Can I use your pictures from website to promote or advertise your brands in my country?

We don’t recommend you to copy the pictures from our website because they are made for particular purpose which is unlikely suitable to your marketing materials. We are pleased to provide the pictures and other artworks to support you in promoting our brands. Please submit your request to us with details of item code, file type and size. Kindly note that all pictures of models in the website are not subject to advertisement in the countries where are not in contract term with Thai Wacoal Public Company Limited. Therefore, we try to avoid conflicts and issues related to copyrights and agreements with our models.

15. Where can I find your products in International market?
Our markets are mainly in Asean countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos. We also have customers in Australia and Pakistan
Fitting Room
Wienna Lingerie is Physiology expertise who creates on beauty five flowers’ breast scientific shape, Gerbera Rose Carnation Tulip Lily, the identification of each flower to each breast shapes and characteristics and five hip shape characteristics, Standard Cylinder Triangle Square Reverse-angle. These are know-how information exclusively Wienna licenses.